All items are handmade and unique. We’ve tried to make sure the photos give an accurate representation of color and shading, but the stones can vary greatly from one quarry to another. Many color variations can be found.

All Turquoise


All Turquoise TQ

Stretchy bracelet with 8 mm turquoise beads.

The healing powers of turquoise are considered very powerful in many cultures, not just with Native Americans and Tibetans. The stone is believed to be useful in cases related to rheumatism, viral infections, gout, and stomach ailments. It is also believed to be helpful in throat, teeth and lung infection as well as in asthma and depression. The gem is also believed to be a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory and detoxifying gemstone. If worn over the solar plexus, the stone is believed to offer maximum health benefits.

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All Turquoise