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Our Story

I’ve been really struggling with simplifying all of this. It’s partly years of research and a few months of speculation, and hard to condense.

The basic concept is that the body is an electrical organism. When we walk, our muscles conduct electrical energy to the various parts of our body where energy is stored, so the cells can replace themselves, etc. The fascia (a collagen layer above the muscles) is a piezoelectric conductor, moving energy around the body as needed.

Quartz is a piezoelectric transmitter with a frequency very close to the human body. In theory, these quartz beads act as a kind of “trickle charge” through the skin to the fascia and help to boost energy and healing. Some of this comes as an outgrowth of Dr. Jerry Tennant’s book “Healing is Voltage” (available on Amazon).

Many years ago I attended a seminar by Dr. Leslie Hardinge where we learned about the Sanctuary service in the Bible and he talked about the gemstones that were on the breastplate of the High Priest, and he said that each stone represented a particular quality of the tribe it stood for.

That was interesting. But then he went on to say that the New Jerusalem in Revelation 21 has gemstones as foundation stones of the city. He said that each stone was quartz and that the light would pass through those stones and create a rainbow effect around the city’s base just as there is a rainbow surrounding God’s throne. Once again, interesting information…

In my search to find relief from chronic lyme disease, bartonella, and babesia, I studied about Rife machines. I know several people for whom they have given great or complete relief from their illnesses. But the machines are so pricey (over $4000) and challenging to learn to use.

I did get some beneficial results from cold laser (red light) therapy using rife frequencies targeted for the organisms I have been battling with, and PEMF pulse therapy did help with pain and mobility. So I could see that electrical frequencies have their place, although not well understood.

I kept thinking that the Lord’s ways are higher than ours, but also simpler. Instead of strong chemical pharmaceuticals I use herbals and plant-based medicines. But the concepts of energy and frequencies have really intrigued me. I know there are many in the new age and Hindu persuasion who believe in energy healing, and who recommend various stones for different conditions, etc.

My belief about those things is that there were technologies developed before the Flood that are far beyond what we have today. And after the Flood when men tried to build the Tower of Babel, the Lord confounded their language and that separated the families/tribes into people groups that ultimately migrated away from each other. But many of them had bits and pieces of the knowledge that existed before the Flood, passed down from one generation to another (and definitely becoming garbled along the way).

Some of these groups recognize that there is some “power” in these stones, but they no longer know how to connect all the information to make things work. So it becomes esoteric and metaphysical. Much of what was branded as magic and witchcraft over the centuries was actually just a glimpse of those old technologies at work.

Levitation, for example, was often done using magnetism. People who used herbs as medicine instead of the often-toxic mixtures made in the apothecary and the doctor’s office were considered backwards, and sometimes accused of witchcraft.

My bottom line: I don’t buy into the new age or Hindu “theology” about any of this. God is the Creator and the author of science. Since man was formed from the dust of the earth, it seems reasonable that there would be stones that would have a very similar frequency to our own.

The reason I chose to build these bracelets (and ultimately will expand to larger items to use on larger parts of the body) from the foundation stones of the New Jerusalem is that this will be a place where nobody will ever say “I am sick.” Is it possible that the Lord uses the frequencies of these stones to constantly rejuvenate the people in the city? Or that they play a role in providing light and power to the earth?

Time will tell. But I’ve tried to make the focal point of these “energy bracelets” the 12 foundation stones that are listed. I may not have them all correct, but I am using all quartz stones with the best that I can decipher. The words used for various gemstones may be different today than what they were in the time of John the Revelator.

I may have to change the stones I use as I learn more about these. But so far several friends who wear these tell me they have less pain, fewer headaches, and feel generally more calm and focused while they wear them.

Thanks for giving this grand experiment a try!