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Why New Jerusalem?

My belief is that God created everything, and seldom for only one purpose. That belief in the Bible account dramatically colors my views about history. I believe the Bible is the standard to which historical accounts should be compared. The philosophies of the world have evolved into a human-centric view of history. Today with the theory of evolution being promoted, people are taught that we evolved out of the ooze and that this life is all there is, so live it up until you die. The evolutionary theory teaches that man started out primitive and has evolved to a higher level. The Bible teaches that man was created perfect and degenerated after sin entered the world. Therefore the civilizations that existed before the Flood was likely to even be more advanced than our own today. The only hint we have of this possibility are glimpses of archaeological surprises over the years.

When I read about the foundation stones in the New Jerusalem, at first all I thought was that these foundations were for beauty with all the varied colors. But one theologian many years ago mentioned that the foundation stones 1) created a natural rainbow under/around the Holy City, and 2) were all quartz stones and there were many things we could learn by studying them.

As I learned about quartz and its energy properties, I came across various cultures that used these stones in their rituals of healing and worship. I didn’t want to mix with any of the trappings of a false religion, but I found it interesting that these stones have always been considered valuable for healing and for energy.

Some people believe the New Jerusalem is like a giant cube, with the same dimensions in all directions. Others, however, think it may be more accurately depicted as a pyramid, and they have wondered if the reason Satan has adopted the pyramid as a mystical symbol is that it’s part of his grand scheme to replace God and all He stands for. If God has a pyramid-shaped city in Heaven, Lucifer/Satan must have one as his symbol. If God has rainbows as his color scheme, the Enemy co-opts that for his own evil purposes.

Some believe the Great Pyramid at Giza was part of a network of “power stations” around the earth that were used to generate electrical energy, and that the building of the Tower of Babel after the Flood was an attempt to re-build the power grid that existed before. God intervened by confounding the languages of the people. That event separated the people into groups, probably family groups that gradually moved further from the area where they started. These family groups were the ancestors of the cultures in the different parts of the world. Each of the groups passed down to succeeding generations the stories of their history, and those naturally became distorted from one telling to the next. What we have around the world are people with one common ancestry, but each group becoming a new tribe, and culture.