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A natural extension of my foray into minerals for healing, particularly with chronic lyme disease that triggers fibromyalgia pain, was learning about biomats! These wonderful mats are like heating pads taken to the next level. These are filled with pounds of amethyst crystals, which produce far-infrared waves that assist with healing. Take it from me: these things are so good you will wish you’d heard of them years ago!

The first one is a Bio-Belt, which is sort of a mini-mat that has a large velcro belt you can use it with. Some wear these around their waists to help with weight loss, and others (like me) use this one for those hard-to-reach areas that hurt: shoulders, neck, lower back, knees, feet, etc. The mat itself is 18.11″ x 8.26″ and the belt slides through an opening on the back and attaches with velcro.

The mat is made with layers:

Surface material: Silicon Urethane with cotton
Waterproof layer
Amethyst Crystals
Hyron Cotton layer for thermal insulation
TOCA layer: Strong negative ions
Nano Copper fabric layer for electromagnetic interception
Peach and Grape Seed fiber layer for heat preservation
Silicon and Teflon reverse currency heating layers with EMF interception
Nonwoven fabric layer
Thermal protection layer
Bottom material: High quality cotton with brass pattern

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